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Chicago Center For Anti-Aging Consultations

About Our Consultations

Tailored to your specific situation

Because we have many specialties on staff at the Chicago Center For Anti-Aging, your personal consultation can include many various medical fields from internal medicine physicians, plastic surgeons, optometrists, naturopaths, aestheticians or skin care specialists, nutritionists, dentists, massage therapists and psychologists. We are not like most anti-aging clinics that are run by only one physician or chiropracter. We realize every patient has their own unique medical history and set of circumstances with different health goals. In this regard, we aim to give our patients the option for a personal consultation with a comprehensive health solution based on your specific needs. Your introductory meeting is FREE with a licensed registered nurse who will help you decide which of our highly trained and licensed staff you would like to meet with during your intial consultation.

Your Options

This comprehensive 1 hour office visit enables you to sit down with our team leader and get a FREE wellness exam. Each patient is unique and she can help tailor your medical consultation and arrange for you to meet only the members of our team you have an actual interest in meeting. The goal is to make you comfortable and offer you only choices that make sense to you.

For some patients, life is too short. They know what they want and don't want to wait. Certain individuals do not want to waste time but would rather schedule an appointment to meet with our entire team of anti-aging experts. Some people want to play it safe or see what everyone on our team would offer. This package does have a fee so please visit our pricing page here.

What Do Our Patients Say?

"I am so glad I took the plunge. I feel like I used to..." SS, Chicago
"I feel so safe knowing a medical doctor is in charge of my care here!" OT, Chicago
"I feel like a kid again! It's amazing!!" PT, Licolnwood

"Since your center was so much cheaper than all of the other anti-aging clinics, I had some doubts when I first started. However, you quickly put my fears to rest. I sincerely appreciate the fact that no one is ever too pushy or trying to sell me something all the time..." WA, Kenilworth